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Restoring & Protecting Your Smile

Crowns - Restoring and Protecting Your Smile - 05/04/2006

What Is a Crown?
A crown (also called a cap) is a man-made cover that protects the top of a tooth. It may be used to restore and preserve a decayed, broken, or cracked tooth. Crowns can also correct some cosmetic tooth problems, giving you a better smile.

Why You May Need a Crown
Your dentist may advise you to get a crown if you have:

  • A decayed or damaged tooth that needs to be restored to its normal shape and size
  • A cracked or broken tooth with large cavities or worn fillings
  • A poor-fitting crown
  • A tooth that has a large opening on its top surface after root canal surgery
  • A cosmetic tooth problem
  • A bite problem

The Procedure
Restoring your tooth with a crown may take 2 or 3 dental visits. Expect to wait 2 to 3 weeks between appointments. Follow the instructions that your dentist gives you.