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Dr. Doshier's Community Work & Mission Trips
Africa 2003
A mission trip to Africa in March of 2003 found Dr. Doshier taking his medical skills to the people in the West African village of Etiolo, Senegal, 750 kilometers inland from the west African coast.
"With no electricity or running water, we could only do extractions. But, the whole village turned out because they knew that they probably wouldn't have the chance to see a dentist for several months or longer."
Dr. Doshier was invited to accompany a local group from the North Arkansas Baptist Association. He is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Harrison. The Christian group ministered to hundreds of people who were not fortunate enough to be born in a country with easy access to medical and dental care.
"The trip to Senegal was a great experience for me and I appreciate all of the help that I received from my staff, my family, my church family, and my friends that enabled me to go." - Dr. Doshier
Honduras 2004 - 02/16/2004
Dental missions are something that I do, frankly, because I have been given a gift that cannot be repaid except through sharing it freely with others. But the funny thing is that the more I give it away the more valuable and dear it becomes to me. Odd how things work that way.
My latest trip was to San Marcos, Honduras with the Presbytery of Arkansas. Eight people from the Harrison area and twenty from Little Rock arrived in Honduras on February 1st and spent a great week getting to know a little about some people who were not lucky enough to be born in the United States. This may sound pretentious but after seeing a hospital with no medications to give and people who can't see because they don't have anywhere they can get glasses, even if they could afford them, I can say without any reservation, that I have been blessed.
The picture above shows "the Dental Team." Myself, Leni' (Honduran Dentist), Barb Sims and Dr. Frank Brooks. Together we saw about 150 patients in four days.
The entire team saw about 900 patients with problems ranging from poor vision to cancer. It was a great trip and I felt privileged to be a part of such a great effort.

Rotary Centennial Dental Clinic - 02/16/2004
Last year after returning from a medical/dental mission trip in Africa with the North Arkansas Baptist Association, I was asked what types of dental problems I saw "over there." My response was that I saw the same things over there that I see on a regular basis here in Harrison. After thinking about this for a few weeks I was approached by the Rotary Club of Harrison and asked if I thought a free dental pain relief clinic was needed in Harrison and if I thought there would be enough support for this type of mission project. The answer to both of these questions has turned out to be a resounding "yes."
On Tuesday, the 17th of February, 2004, the Rotary Centennial Dental Clinic will be open for business. The clinic will be staffed with volunteers from the Harrison area and will offer tooth extraction for the relief of pain, free of charge to those individuals who qualify. Individuals may contact Ozark Share and Care for an application.
The great thing about the project is that we have had so much support from the community to get it going and we plan to add additional volunteers and services in the future.
We started with the old forestry building on Watergate Street near the fairgrounds which was donated by the city. Soon I will show you what we have now. A lot of work has been done and the clinic is going to be something that Harrison will be proud of.